Nature park Telašćica

Nature park Telašćica

Telašćica Bay was proclaimed a Nature Park in 1988, thanks to its exceptional beauty, valuable wildlife, and geological and geomorphological phenomena.

The three fundamental phenomena represent the basic characteristics of this area:

  • Telašćica Bay as the safest, most beautiful and largest natural port in the Adriatic Sea,
  • Steep cliffs of Dugi Otok or the so-called "Stene" (Grpašćak)
  • Salt Lake "Mir"

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A visit to the Nature Park Telašćica is possible in several ways: by car, boat, kayak, bicycle... Excursions can be one-day or half-day, with or without a guide, by boat, individual , for families or larger groups. It is up to you to choose the way that suits you best and our recommendation is doing it through organized excursion from Sali or by renting a kayak for those more active! In Sali it is possible to rent a car, rent a scooter, rent a boat, rent a jet ski, rent a bike, rent an electric bike.


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